The Rise

of a new


In a future dominated by advanced technology and sprawling mega-cities, Japan has seen the rise of a new Shogun, a lord of the technology industry. The rise of the Fourth Shogun has sparked a power struggle between those who advocate for tradition and those who seek to embrace technology.

With the Empire overthrown, SamurAI must choose which side to fight for: the Shogunate or the Empire. Meanwhile, the Ronin, SamurAI without a lord, have also been caught up in the conflict. As skilled warriors, they have the power to sway the balance of power in either direction.

Will they choose to align with the Shogun or will they join the rebellion and fight for a new future? The Shogun, has harnessed their technological power to create fearsome Biomechanical Kaijus, which they use as their primary weapons in battles against their enemies.

The Empire, on the other hand, has developed their own powerful weapons in the form of giant Mecha Robots, capable of going toe-to-toe with the Shogun’s Kaijus in epic battles. Meanwhile, the Ronin, skilled in the ways of the SamurAI and connoisseurs of Japanese ancestral traditions, have the ability to summon Giant Gods and Demons to fight alongside them.

As the battles between the Shogun, the Empire, and the Ronin rage on, the future of Japan hangs in the balance. Will the Shogun’s technological might triumph, or will the forces of tradition and the supernatural prove to be too much to handle? Only time will tell in this tale of loyalty, honor, and the pursuit of power in a world on the brink of chaos.

SamurAI is the first collection of NFTs from the XDC Network that was born with the objective of licensing its IP and creating a whole Universe around its history and community


A whole Narrative Universe supported by Web 3


 Kaiju, Mecha & Demons


Or did you think that in the future we were going to fight only with Katanas?


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